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The partnership shared between Spyder and the U.S. Ski Team has spanned over three decades and has accounted for an abounding number of World Cup and Olympic Medals. A big part of that partnership is focused on creating the fastest speed suits in the world – athletes travel up to 90 MPH in a typical World Cup downhill course, and aerodynamics matter.

Also important is designing speed suits that are compliant with the stringent rules set by the Federation of International Skiing (FIS) for air permeability (so that in the case of a crash, friction is mitigated so as to prevent the suit from literally melting to the athlete).

In order to ensure that the suits Spyder designs for the U.S. Ski Team strike a perfect balance between speed and permeability, we conduct annual wind tunnel tests – a couple of weeks ago, we took Spyder Athlete and U.S. Ski Team Speedster Steven Nyman to the Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) in San Diego to run a battery of tests on various suits at various speeds and under various other conditions (we can’t tell you – it’s a secret). 

Spyder Athlete Steven Nyman in San Diego’s Low Speed Wind Tunnel (okay, we used a little Photoshop).

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