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We received the following letter (w/ above photo) in our email account in response to the #MYSUMMIT Instagram Photo Contest we have going on right now. It’s too good not to share. 

(Names / personal details removed to protect the innocent.)

Dear Spyder and Chris Davenport:

Your coverage of the ‘Ring of Fire’ Volcano Tour - and the ensuing uproar in the wake of the team’s sweep through the Pacific Northwest - has provided endless amusement around here (Washington State) over the past month. Unfortunately, [I don’t have an Apple / Android device], so I am unable to participate in your ‘summit shot’ contest. Nevertheless, I do feel compelled to send you this ‘hero shot’ photo from the summit of Mt. Lassen circa 1975. Posing after ‘bagging a summit’ was as ridiculous then as it is currently in 2012 - so my friend [redacted] and I took tongue-in-cheek photos of each other before the ski descent that day. Please note that I was skiing on a pair of wooden Landsem touring skis with lignostone edges, three-pin bindings and Alfa boots - we had never seen alpine touring gear at this point in time. No Spyder outfits either - those are Clarke Craghopper knickers, a Sierra Designs 60/40 jacket and REI gaiters. The bamboo shaft Chouinard-Frost piolet now hangs on my wall, a pricey collector’s item these days. Oh … and no Land Yacht with Whole Foods smoothies waiting at the bottom - we slept in the back of my Pinto station wagon and ate instant oatmeal.

[My friend] made a prediction sometime in the 70s when we were skiing throughout the Sierras with this paraphernalia - that eventually the backcountry would be filled with skiers … his statement seemed absolutely preposterous at the time. It turns out he was really quite the visionary.



Thanks for writing, [redacted]. We thoroughly enjoyed reading your story.

-Your Friends and Fellow Mountain Enthusiasts at Spyder