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In this #DavDispatch from Day 9 of the ‘Ring of Fire’ Volcano tour, Chris Davenport checks in from the summit of Oregon’s 11,239’ Mt. Hood.

The following string of photos tells the story of the amazing experience Team Volcano Tour (and a bunch of friends) had on Mt. Hood yesterday. From their 3:30am wake up call to their post-ski revelry, we hope you enjoy the chronology of images below.

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Professional Skier Asit Rathod skis Mt. Hood’s northeast face in the buff on May 13, 2012 after having a ‘McConkey moment of clarity.’

By: Asit Rathod (@presidentofpow)

Written on May 13, 2012

Hey hey All!!
Guest blogger Asit Rathod checking in from the ‘Ring of Fire’ Volcano Tour and Mount Hood; and what a day it was my friends!

Quote of the day award goes to Jess McMillan during brunch in Hood River…”I’m really happy about being drunk right now” (ed. note: let’s face it everyone, she’s earned it). It’s funny but as we grow older and the years keep adding we start realizing how much life changes but good friends still stay the same.

So I got an email a few weeks back from my old friend Chris Davenport that his merry band of crazies were going to ski the Pacific Northwest ‘Ring of Fire.’ I read the itinerary and thought they’d have a better chance of winning the lottery than staying true to the dates. Well son of a gun, I should have bought that lottery ticket.

We all rendezvoused around 10pm in the parking lot of Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood last night and it was as if time had never passed since our days together almost two decades ago. Yes we are that old. Then out of nowhere, I see a smile that made me smile from within as if I had just seen the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause kung fu fighting each other. Mr. Jim Morrison gave me a hug and that signature smile that was exactly as I remembered it 15+ years ago. I knew a whole lot of awesomeness was about to happen but we had to get some zzzzzz’s.  So a big hug, HI-5’s, and ‘sleep well’s’ was all that two old friends could give each other.

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Aerial pan of Mt. Jefferson filmed by Glen Poulsen during the #VolcanoTour.

Aerial photo of Mt. Jefferson showing our ski line, the beautiful Southwest Face. Photo by Jim Morrison

By: Chris Davenport

Written on May 12, 2012

As I sit here in the Spyder Land Yacht driving north towards tomorrow’s objective, Mt. Hood, I can’t help but reflect on the last eight days and the ten peaks we’ve skied. Both Jess and I have mentioned in our blog posts how cool it is each day to look south and see the mountains we have skied, and then to turn north and see our future. We’re tired – really tired – with tens of thousands of vertical feet in our legs and only one rest day … yet somehow the stoke meter stays pinned.

This trip has been a dream on many levels, but perhaps the greatest gifts have been from Mother Nature herself. The weather has been perfect the entire time, and the corn-snow cycle as good as it gets on these big Cascade volcanoes. What we did in our lives to arrive at this place and be blessed with such gifts is beyond me. I’m just grateful to share these experiences with such amazing people.

I think I have heard Jess say “today was my favorite volcano” at least five or six times so far, and it was loud and clear today on Mt. Jefferson. This massive mountain has no easy access this time of year and was the lowest starting point we have had so far (around 3,100’) so we were looking at a huge day.

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(The east side of North Sister under a half-moon.)

By Chris Davenport

Written on May 11, 2012

Yesterday was our biggest day of the trip so far in terms of distance covered, vertical climbed & skied, and pure effort exerted. Luckily for us we had some great local knowledge. We hooked up with local skier and owner of Three Sisters Backcountry huts Jonas Tarlen through our friend David Marchi; Jonas took us on a grand adventure. Jess and I were ready for a big day, but when it was all over we were definitely whooped! 

Aside from losing an hour trying to summit North Sister in icy conditions, we moved quickly all day and finished the almost 18 mi. traverse of over 10,000’ vertical in just under 12 hours. One of the coolest and perhaps most surprising aspects of this day was that during a perfect weather window, and in ideal snow conditions, we didn’t see another soul out there in Central Oregon’s biggest mountains. 

Three Sisters Vital stats: The Three Sisters Traverse is comprised of three separate summits: North Sister (10,085’), Middle Sister (10,047’), and South Sister (10,358’).

We skied Mt. Washington this morning (our 9th volcano in 6 days) and are headed to the trailhead for tomorrow’s big day on Mt. Jefferson. Our internet connection has been quite slow during this part of the trip, so I’m going to let the photos (below) tell the story on this one. I think you’ll enjoy… 

But not without a final shout-out to Shane, Jonas’ partner at ThreeSistersBackcountry who picked us up on the road in his snow-machine, complete with chocolate milk and beer!  Thanks Shane!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from Washington and Jefferson.


«You’ll find a bunch of awesome photos of our Three Sisters Odyssey after the jump»

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Dav Discusses #VolcanoTour on National Geographic Weekend


Chris Davenport joined National Geographic Weekend just before the #VolcanoTour began to discuss the journey. Press play above to listen to the interview.

Their synopsis:

The world’s best skiing is not found at the top of a chairlift. Professional skier Chris Davenport knows this better than anyone, so he gets off the groomed runs… and climbs mountains in his ski boots. He has skied Everest’s Lhotse Face, but this spring is taking it easy by targeting volcanos in the Pacific Northwest, including Mt. Rainier, Mt. Washington and Mt. Shasta. Follow his #VolcanoTour on Twitter.

Jess McMillan just checked in on Instagram with a photo update from the top of Mt. Washington in Oregon.
Stay tuned for posts about yesterday’s epic (17 mi., 3 summit) Three Sisters’ Odyssey and today’s Mt. Washington adventure.

Jess McMillan just checked in on Instagram with a photo update from the top of Mt. Washington in Oregon.

Stay tuned for posts about yesterday’s epic (17 mi., 3 summit) Three Sisters’ Odyssey and today’s Mt. Washington adventure.

By: Chris Davenport

Written on May 8, 2012.

I’m going to keep this post a bit short, mainly because Mt. Bachelor is perhaps the least interesting of all the volcanoes we hope to ski on this journey. So how did we come to ski two volcanoes in one day?  Well, the story goes like this…  After an awesome morning on Mt. Thielson we drove two hours north to Bend and pulled into the totally sweet Crown Villa RV Resort.  This place is so plush and relaxing!

We busted out the grill and fixed up some delicious fish tacos that had been marinating in the fridge for 24 hours in a tequila lime seasoning from Whole Foods Market.  During lunch, as our bellies filled up, Daron, Jess and I were all feeling pretty recovered.  It was only 2 pm and I said, “Why don’t we get ahead of the curve here and go skin up Bachelor this evening for a sunset ski?”  Without hesitation, Daron and Jess were in!  We had a plan.  That’s the thing I love about this group… everyone is motivated and full of positive energy.  So we digested for an hour and then drove up to the West base area at Bachelor for an easy 3400’ skin.

The ski area is closed Monday through Wednesday right now so we had the entire area to ourselves and skinned up a beautiful groomed track. 

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VIDEO: #DavDispatch for Day 4 of the #VolcanoTour. After ripping a wide open swath of corn on Mt. Thielson in the morning, Dav, Jess, and Daron had a crazy idea and decided to ALSO ski Mt. Bachelor. Two volcanoes, one day. You can’t make this stuff up.