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Olivia Westall in her new Lindsey Vonn custom race suit during her visit to Spyder.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), holds an annual charity walk in Denver to raise money and awareness for children with diabetes. Earlier this year, a nine year old girl with Type 1 diabetes, Olivia Westall, emailed J.J. Collier, the head of our design team, to inquire if the same people who designed her Spyder Race Suit would also agree to design her JDRF team’s T-shirts for the charity walk.

[We later found out this was an idea Olivia casually devised and resolutely presented to her parents at the dinner table, and her mom – although skeptical at first – agreed to go along with it.]
We happily accepted the job.
JDRF’s mission is an important one and Olivia’s team sets a high goal for donations and sponsors. Plus, she is an accomplished ski racer, having won most of the races she’s entered so far. We at Spyder like to get behind that sort of thing!
As a show of our support and appreciation for Olivia and the organization she represents, we decided to invite Olivia, her mom Bekah, sister Alex, and a few friends (skiers and speedfreaks the lot of them) to the office for a tour last Friday. It was one big smile-filled meet-and-greet, and a mutually awesome experience for everyone involved.

Olivia, her family, and her friends during the visit.
When all was said and done, the kids were tired, the adults were exhausted, and everyone left with with their arms full of Spyder swag. Olivia made out even more handsomely, as we presented her with her very own Lindsey Vonn custom race suit (signed by Lindsey, of course).

Presenting Olivia with her Lindsey Vonn custom race suit.
Those of us who have been given the opportunity to work at Spyder know what a special thing it is to walk through the office doors everyday and be a part of the legacy and evolution this brand. It is always cool to be able to share that energy with our fans, of any age, and, if by simply going to work we can help support a good cause, then we are happier than ever to do what we do.

-Matt Strackbein, Sr. Production Designer

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