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On the final summit of the #VolcanoTour, Dav reflects the experience of skiing 15 volcanoes in 14 days.

The crew admires another “X” on the back of the Land Yacht. 15 Volcanoes in 14 days.

By: Chris Davenport

Written on May 20, 2012

The end of any great journey or vacation is always bittersweet. On one hand, you have a wonderful collection of memories and experiences, but on the other hand you are left wanting more. Now that we have wrapped up our Volcano Tour with yesterday’s ascent and ski of Mt. Baker, we all find ourselves fulfilled, but at the same time wondering what to do today (?). To me, this is the true measure of the success of an adventure. We succeeded on many levels, yet are now as motivated as ever for more.

Our final volcano mission on Mt. Baker was somewhat fortuitous. We drove many hours north after our long one-day ascent of Mt. Rainier on the 17th, and arrived in the Mt. Baker ski area parking lot at midnight. Everyone was truly exhausted. Christy Mahon, who was driving a car with her husband Ted, even pulled over at Chair 1 at Mt. Baker, unable to drive any further. Ted took over and drove the final 100 yards to the parking lot! The next day we had grand plans of doing the long traverse from the ski area to Mt. Baker volcano, but Mother Nature and our own lack of energy stood in the way. We were unable to get out of the Land Yacht before 10 am, and after 4 hours of touring in the clouds on Ptarmigan Ridge with limited views of the volcano, we decided to call it an active rest day and head back to the parking lot to regroup. It’s nice when the weather makes decisions for you (nevermind that this route is super-long and would require a much earlier start).

View of the NW side of Mt. Baker from Ptarmigan Ridge on our five hour “active rest day.”

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By: Jess McMillan

Written on May 15, 2012


Our #VolcanoTour stats to-date.

Dav placed the first X on Mount Lassen 10 days ago. It was hard to imagine how the trip would evolve with one lonely X. There are now ten X’s on the back of the Land Yacht. I’m proud of every single one of ‘em, too. Each represents not only a volcano skied, but also a unique adventure – an adventure with new friends, challenges, and memories that we will share forever. The Volcano Tour has been the ultimate road trip, and near perfect weather and the many friends who have met us along the way have really been the icing on the cake.

Every volcano has been different, but every morning feels the same – so much the same that it’s starting to feel a lot like Groundhog Day ...

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