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By: Chris Davenport

During the ‘Ring of Fire’ Tour, we had many lighthearted moments out there on the volcanoes. Here are a few select quotes that always seem to make us laugh:

Mt. Shasta-   
Super fan: “Is  Chris Davenport in here? “
Dav “Yes.”  
Super Fan: “Can I get a photo? Oh, and is that Daron Rahlves?  Can I get a photo with him too?”
Dav: “Dude!  It’s 3:30 in the morning and Daron is in his underwear.”
Super Fan: “So?”

…6 hours later…

“Jess, you may be taking it one volcano at a time.  Right now, I’m taking it one step at a time.” -Daron Rahlves.

Mt. McLoughlin-

“This is my favorite volcano so far.” – Jess McMillan (she said that every day)

Mt. Thielsen-
“What did you call that repelling technique?  The two shits grip?” - Jess
“What are you talking about?” - Dav
“You said that technique was the two shits grip.  I assumed that meant that if it didn’t work, you would have to clean your pants out twice.” – Jess

Mt. Bachelor-

“This is my first time doing this.  Do you think I will be alright?”  Random dude we met camping on the summit.

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