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On the final summit of the #VolcanoTour, Dav reflects the experience of skiing 15 volcanoes in 14 days.

In this #DavDispatch from Day 10 of the #VolcanoTour, Dav shows clear signs of fatigue as he crests the summit of Mt. Adams after having climbed 8.5 mi. and 9,000 vertical feet in 7.5 hours. With 4 volcanoes yet to go, including 14,411’ Mt. Rainier, the Volcano Tour promises to push Dav and the other athletes to their limits.

In this #DavDispatch from Day 9 of the ‘Ring of Fire’ Volcano tour, Chris Davenport checks in from the summit of Oregon’s 11,239’ Mt. Hood.

VIDEO: #DavDispatch for Day 4 of the #VolcanoTour. After ripping a wide open swath of corn on Mt. Thielson in the morning, Dav, Jess, and Daron had a crazy idea and decided to ALSO ski Mt. Bachelor. Two volcanoes, one day. You can’t make this stuff up.

On Day 3 of the #VolcanoTour, the team runs into some challenges early on when they’re forced to navigate their way through dense forest to access the mountain from basecamp. But Daron Rahlves came to the rescue with his GPS skills, and led the group to the best line and best snow they’ve skied yet!

A somewhat humbling day 2 of the #VolcanoTour reminds us just how demanding this tour is going to be for Chris Davenport and friends.

Dav’s helmet cam footage from the team’s descent of Lassen Peak on May 5, 2012, day-one of the #VolcanoTour. Buttery goodness up there!

As the Volcano Tour progresses, Dav and the gang will be continually updating us with the experiences they’re having on-mountain and in base camp. These updates will come in the form of blog posts (like the one we posted today) and video dispatches. We’re excited to present the first #DavDispatch of the tour…