By: Chris Davenport

During the ‘Ring of Fire’ Tour, we had many lighthearted moments out there on the volcanoes. Here are a few select quotes that always seem to make us laugh:

Mt. Shasta-   
Super fan: “Is  Chris Davenport in here? “
Dav “Yes.”  
Super Fan: “Can I get a photo? Oh, and is that Daron Rahlves?  Can I get a photo with him too?”
Dav: “Dude!  It’s 3:30 in the morning and Daron is in his underwear.”
Super Fan: “So?”

…6 hours later…

“Jess, you may be taking it one volcano at a time.  Right now, I’m taking it one step at a time.” -Daron Rahlves.

Mt. McLoughlin-

“This is my favorite volcano so far.” – Jess McMillan (she said that every day)

Mt. Thielsen-
“What did you call that repelling technique?  The two shits grip?” - Jess
“What are you talking about?” - Dav
“You said that technique was the two shits grip.  I assumed that meant that if it didn’t work, you would have to clean your pants out twice.” – Jess

Mt. Bachelor-

“This is my first time doing this.  Do you think I will be alright?”  Random dude we met camping on the summit.

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Three Sisters Traverse-
The night before: “Dav, I have one major concern for the Three Sisters Traverse.”  “What’s that Jess?”  “Duct Tape.”  “What? We’re about to have our biggest day of the trip and your concern is duct tape?”

Mt. Washington–

“Do you think we can summit in our tennis shoes? … I really do.”  Jess McMillan

Mt. Jefferson-
“This is my favorite volcano! “ -Jess 

“You say that about every volcano.” – Dav 

“Yeah, but this one really is my favorite!”  -Jess

Mount Hood–

“Do it! Do it Indian guy, just ski it naked.” Asit Rathod skis the Cooper Spur naked.

Mount Adams–

“Do you guys ever find yourselves counting your steps?”  “I have just counted 2, 792 steps and I’m still not at the top.” - Scott Rinckenberger.

Mount St Helen’s–

“Why is there a bottle of Grand Marnier in my backpack?” DAV 2/3 of the way to the top.  “Just trying to give the rest of us a chance to keep up, Dav.”  - Ted Mahon

“Dude, I hate to be so forward, but you guys haven’t offered. Can I get a pull of that bottle of Grand Marnier?” – A friend we met at the summit wearing carhart shorts.

Mount Rainier–

“If I had slept last night, it would’ve been worse.  I would have had to wake up. This way I didn’t have to wake up at all.” Jim Morrison after pulling an all-nighter to join us for Rainier.