Team #VolcanoTour added Christy and Ted Mahon to their roster and conquered Mt. Adams on May 14th – their twelfth volcano in just nine days.

By: Christy Mahon (@aspenchristy)

Written on May 14, 2012

Wow, what a day! After climbing over 8,400 vertical feet to the 12,281’ summit of Mt. Adams, we were rewarded with yet another gorgeous day on the mountain and incredible spring corn conditions.

Jess McMillan diving down the face of Mt. Adams with Mt. St. Helens (next on the list) in the background.

What is most impressive is that not only have Chris, Jess, and friends been finding these conditions every day, but they have managed to keep up their energy and strength with the massive physical undertaking of the “Ring of Fire” Volcano Tour. By Chris’s estimates they have climbed almost 60,000’ on twelve volcanoes in the nine days the tour has been on the road.

Chris Davenport stares at yet another volcano – Mt. Adams – on May 14th, 2012.

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So what’s their secret? Well, besides being incredibly driven professional athletes, the answer is simple – FUEL. On average, the team is probably burning over 5,000 calories every day of the tour. Without much time to actually eat a lot of calories – between waking up at 3:30am, skinning up the mountain all day, skiing down to the RV, and then driving to the next Volcano ­– the team needs to make sure every calorie counts.

That’s where Whole Foods Market comes in. As a sponsor of the tour, they have made sure that the team is getting both sufficient and quality calories. This sort effort can’t be accomplished on powdered donuts and soda. Everyday, the team needs to be refueling with smart foods loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and healthy fats. Whole Foods Market has generously kept the Spyder Land Yacht loaded with organic fruits, nuts, and greens, hydrating drinks like coconut juice & organic apple juice, and so much more.

Since Ted and I arrived, we have been continually impressed with the custom menus the Whole Foods Market nutritionists created for the tour. For example, each morning, “Hulk Smoothies” are prepared along with fruit, granola, and yogurt; lunches are made with calorie-packed sandwiches and ample snacks, and every dinner includes multiple super foods, high quality carbs, and vegetarian or organic proteins.


Day 10 – team #VolcanoTour still finding some energy to have fun on the way down.

The tour continues with four volcanoes remaining, and at the rate these guys are going, there’s no stopping them. Of course the strong-as-a-hulk team and exemplary weather contribute to their success, but the behind the scenes hero – as we’ve come to find out – is the healthy, wholesome food in our backpacks. Thanks Whole Foods Market!

 -Christy Mahon

Just another day of buffed corn snow for Team #VolcanoTour.