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Just a quick update on weather for the next 7-10 days…

A weak storm will blow through the northwest Wednesday through midday Thursday. The main effect will be temperatures about 10 degrees cooler and winds about 10mph strong, though you should get through this with no precipitation (the main storm energy is further north of Oregon into BC). Winds shouldn’t be too bad, but of course this can be amplified by the ridgelines. I don’t see much of an impact on the tour, though conditions could be a bit firmer on Wednesday and Thursday. The air should warm a bit and the winds die down by later on Thursday. The forecast pages I linked to in the spreadsheet should be all that you need for the details.

I do see some more weather coming around the 16th-ish, but that’s a ways away, so no use in talking details. Between now and then, the weather looks great except for the cooler air and wind on this Wed & Thu. And even the storm on the 16th could stay far enough north to give you minimal impacts while on Rainier, or at least impacts that you could mitigate by waiting things out by 6-12 hours here or there.

Keep on keepin’ on!


Thanks for the update Joel! So far, Mother Nature has smiled on Team Volcano!